Episode 5

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Episode 5

Charles Mann


“What we are doing here is a paradigm shift in this industry and Amanda Grappone Osmer is our paradigm shifter.”

I am a Product Specialist and one of the things I love most about my job is watching people’s guard melt away when they realize we are telling them the truth. I have taken to using this phrase to describe it – “in the information age a business model that is not completely transparent is doomed to fail”. I hear horror stories from our guests every day that do not involve vampires or werewolves or Frankenstein. They involve “best” practices in the industry we are striving to change. It is no wonder that when people arrive here they have their “masks” on and their guard up. It is such a great pleasure to inform them, to serve them and to then watch all that stress go away from them. We offer quality products in all facets of our operations. At every level we are open, honest and transparent. We are truly dedicated to serving our team members, guests and community with integrity, kindness and respect. What we are doing here is a paradigm shift in this industry and Amanda Grappone Osmer is our paradigm shifter. It is a true privilege to work for the Grappone family and I hope to be here for many years to come.

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At Grappone Automotive Group in Concord NH, our team is the heart of what we are, and we are always looking for new individuals whose drive, dedication, and team mind-set is in line with our own. If you are someone who wakes up every day and loves to serve others with integrity, kindness, and respect, we are very interested in speaking with you about your new career...


Our company history dates way back to 1924 when John’s father, Rocco, and his wife Emmanuella bought a Gulf service station in Concord NH. The purchase of this service station was to supplement the family income from his job at a local granite quarry. At the time, Concord had become a city of tradition and heritage…


“I’ve worked for three generations of the Grappone family. When people ask me how I have been able to stay at one place for so long, my answer is always the same: The Grappone family has always encouraged doing things the right and honest way.”